Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Okay so I did the unthinkable and signed up for Twitter. Everyone else was doing it, and no I would not jump off a bridge if everyone else was doing it.

So any of you clever, experienced twitterers out there--advice please. What's the @ mean? Does that come up when you've retweeted something? If you want to reply to the message, should you reply to the person who retweeted or the orginal person? If people are following me, is it expected that you follow them back? I can't see myself having time to follow a lot of other people, but is is rude if you don't??? Does anyone else feel pressured when it starts counting down those characters? I feel like I'm entering one of those competitions where you have to say why you want to win in 25 words or less. Methods of communication are getting shorter and shorter, so what does that mean for us as a society? Will we soon be conversing in grunts and hand gestures, like cave dwellers? Have we come full circle?

Am I thinking too much again?

I have no idea how to post the link to my twitter account, or how to deal with the RSS Feed thing. And no I don't have time to find the effing help menu and read it. I'm about to have an effing fantod.

Twitter ID is divasamilee because samilee in all its myriad forms was taken. sami.lee, sami_lee etc. How many of us sami lees are there out there?

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  1. Welcome to Twitter Sami! Yes it is a weird world isn't it. @ is at the beginning of a person's name. So @ElenisKafe is me. So anyone tweeting that will come up in my Mentions column. Think of it as the 'address'.

    You don't have to follow people back if you don't want to. I see some writers and actors who have like 50,000 followers, would be impossible to follow back!

    You can retweet a tweet and it will say 'retweeted by you'.

    The other confusing thing is that there are many Twitter programs you can use. I use TweetDeck on my desktop and Echofon on my mobile. They both work slightly differently but basically you can see the people you follow, who mentions you, any direct messages ( you can only DM people who are following you).

    I think I've muddied the waters. Email me offline if you would like some help. Hopefully I can provide assistance :)