Tuesday, 3 August 2010

RWA Conference

Am heading to the Romance Writers of Australia's annual conference in under two weeks now... Friday 13th. What a wonderful day to fly. Got my conference confirmation and I got into Vicki Lewis Thompson's workshop, which is good because she's the major drawcard for me. Am also looking forward to catching up with all my online friends and talking writerly stuff all weekend. Number of discussions on toddler tantrums, poo condition, fussy eating disorder etc expected... absolutely zero!!!! Yay!!! I shall be a human being again!!!

I've also taken the bold step of setting up an appointment with an American agent. No, not a hot FBI agent (you romance writer/reader types always jump to that conclusion. Oh wait, was that the fault of the hot man torso cover I posted there on the right?). A literary agent. God knows if I'll be able to impress her with my revamp of A Man Like Mike, but I have to try darn it. Why the hell not? Rejected once does not mean forever dead and I have some great polishing ideas that I've been working on, and will be working on like the proverbial dog for the next two weeks.
Ah, I better get back to that now...

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  1. Sami, good luck with your pitch and I hope to meet you at the conference.