Friday, 3 September 2010

You Like Coyotes or What?

My mate and fellow diva Rhian Cahill has a new book out, a prequel in the Coyote series that has already been HUGELY successfull over at Ellora's Cave. Honestly, she's a dynamo. She has four kids and a hubby who works a lot, has moved recently--not only to a new house but to a new country--and she's got all these gorgeous books out. I'm so spitting jealous of her ability to keep the writing flowing through life's usual challenges :).  

So if you want to check out the books and find out more about Rhian, go to her blog. She'll no doubt be tooting her horn over at the Diva's blog later today too, cause she likes to do that. She had a bit too much champers last night too, so she might say anything.

Congrats Rhian! You's a LEGEND (cyber smooch)



  1. roflamo
    I'm too tall to be a dynamo! But legend? Might have to take that one.....*grin*