Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Available in the Flesh

I do so love coming up with provocative blog titles. Overnight/this morning Sunset Knight was released as a trade paperback edition. Yes, it's arrived and you can get your hands on it in the flesh, so to speak. This is another excuse to shamelessly post the cover, which is totally scrummy.

It's available wherever quality books are sold... isn't that what they always say? They must sell crap books at A & R then because you can't get it there :). The usual places that cater to the left of centre romance tastes will stock it though, and of course you can get anything online.

My Bookstore and More

The Book Depository

Or just follow any of the links from the book page at Samhain.

I'm posting all this here because I can't see myself updating the website tonight. It's on tomorrow's list.


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