Sunday, 10 October 2010

Random Weekly Update and Hot Man Pic

The weather in sunny Queensland has not been living up to its name this week... this month actually. So much bloody rain, even I'm getting sick of it. I usually like rain, especially in spring because all that water drowns the little pollen thingies that make me sneeze. No I cannot be bothered looking up precisely what a pollen thingy is.

I was going to do a lengthy blog because I have a lot to say. Or at least I think I have a lot to say, but maybe I simply have a lot I'm thinking about--most of it good, for a change. The muse has made a couple of tentative visits, I'm doing a bit to change my bad habits and my head is starting to clear on this whole writing thing. I hope. I'm not getting ahead of myself yet, but things feel promising for the first time in a long time.

Speaking of promising...

... am drafting a menage about firemen. Hel--lo honies. Oh so many potential light my fire/how big is your hose/you make me hot baby remarks. Juicy, juicy stuff.

Enjoy yourself with that until I have the mental acuity to write a more thoughtful blog post.



  1. Glad to hear you're making progress! And love, love, love, love the sound of your wip. After all, two HOT firemen are always better than one :)

  2. Am still sniggering about the fireman lines!

    Good luck with your wip and glad to hear your muse is making a comeback