Thursday, 2 December 2010

I Did Good

I didn't write 50,000wds, but then I never said I would :). My novel/novella, whatever it is (okay it's a novella, I'm going to cut it down I swear), is currently 39,879wds, but I haven't written the ending. I'm going back through the whole thing first to revise and edit, as is my custom. When it's all said and done I imagine I'll end up with something around the 40,000-45,000wd mark. Hey, that's what I said all along! Sticking to my guns here, take a picture.

Anyway, the slash and burn is on now, and I've added as much as I've taken out (again, one of my editing customs). Today I had to let a paragraph go that I always liked. But hell, I just don't need it. Being ruthless here. So sadly cut from the ms today:

Nice one Griff. Way to make a fool of yourself.

At thirty-six, Griff was a good ten years older than Corey and Erica looked to be around Wachawski’s age. Griff had one divorce and a string of messy relationships behind him, listened to classic Springsteen instead of Lady Freakin Gaga and this morning he’d found a grey hair poking out amongst the smattering of light brown ones on his chest. A grey bloody hair!

Lusting after the busty young redhead was a bad look for a man with Griff’s relatively advanced life experience.

I was fond of the Lady Freakin' Gaga bit :) Oh well.