Sunday, 5 December 2010

Editing, Man Sluts and More

I think Jake Gyllenhaal is a major cutie. I wrote that line in Sunset Knight where Lana teases Brody about wanting a threesome with the two of them:

“So you don’t want me to play at being the filling in a man sandwich?”

His look was lethally unimpressed. “No. Where do you get this language?”

“The Internet. Because thinking on an objective level I have to say”—she pretended to picture it, letting out a low whistle—“lucky Sidney.”

“Don’t go getting any ideas. I’m finding I’m a lot more possessive than Drew.”

Lana felt giddy because he was possessive of her. She’d told him not to act this way but he couldn’t help himself. “Are you sure? Because if Jake Gyllenhaal’s available, maybe I could be persuaded.”
She's a cheeky one that Lana. But what's with Jake? Is there any woman in Hollywood he hasn't 'dated'? Reese, Kirsten, now he's been linked to Taylor Swift. Is this all true? Is Jake Hollywood's biggest man slut? Does it turn me off him? Not really :)

Anyway deleted two whole scenes this weekend so can't post all that. One was a sex scene too. What? Erotic romance author cuts sex scene? Alert the media.

Here's today's deleted snippet:

Instantly he was lost in the ripe feel of her lips moving beneath his, the sweet taste of wine on her tongue. Her hand shot out to connect with his bicep, as though she had to steady herself. She moaned with the kind of blissful satisfaction women often reserved for restaurant quality chocolate mousse and fed on his mouth as though it were her last meal.

Corey had been kissed before, by women who weren’t afraid to take control. He liked it. He wasn’t one of those guys who had to have the upper hand in every exchange with the opposite sex. But this was different. Erica’s kiss was desperate, aggressive even, but it wasn’t about her taking control. It was about her losing it.
Well maybe I'll find a spot for that last sentence.



  1. Dammit! Stop teasing me and be done with it already! *sigh* I sooooo wanna read this.
    And why are the bits you're cutting so friggin' good?? I'd like to really hate you about now. *pout*

  2. But surely you can't? My cheeky cyber smile is too fetching :))))).

  3. Nothing wrong with a man-slut. Gives you hope you're in with a chance!