Saturday, 19 March 2011

Announcements and Updates

Okay so here's the thing. The firemen are taking longer to edit than I anticipated (quelle surprise), as editing has turned into rewriting and I'm frankly limping to the end of this one, just trying to make it at this point. I can't think ahead more than one scene at a time or I'll give up entirely, so can't be sure when it will be finished.

Which is a shame because I was hoping to have it done by April 1. Why? Well that's my announcement. Can hardly believe I'm doing it myself but I'M GOING TO RT IN APRIL!!!!! HOLY S*&#!!!!!

For the uninitiated, RT stands for Romantic Times, and I'm talking about the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention to be held in LOS ANGELES! Yes, that's in CALIFORNIA FOLKS!!!

Sorry if I'm shouting but I'm a bit blown away at my own audacity, really. Still struggling to submit a book since the last one two years ago, two kids under six at home and a job that I have to make up a lie to take leave from because there's still no way I'm telling them I write humpy pumpy books. Am I a suitable candidate for this trip? Not bloody really but there you have it. I'm a rebel.

Fellow attendees from Down Under are my Diva pals, Jess, Rhian and Lexxie. Yes, I blame them for this. They influenced me with their blasted willingness to do whatever the hell they want. I was so getting accostomed to being a matyr. Don't think I'll miss it though, at least not between 6th and 10th of April (happy happy dancing).

I'll be attending as many workshops and cocktail parties as I can fit in, and yes I'll even be signing books. My hope is that the lines at the big authors' tables will be so long people will get bored and come see the woman sitting by herself with a hopeful smile on her face.

And let's also hope this guy is a nutter and not as switched on as the article and its harbinger of California's impending doom suggests. Gulp.


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