Monday, 18 April 2011

RT Wrap Up

Ok so my RT rundown goes like this:


Getting kicked out of the Samhain suite because of a noise complaint. At 9:30pm. Really?

Watching Lorelei James and Mari Carr finagle three dirty shooters out of a drunken local, while explaining what exactly a cowboy cocksucker was to a mystified bartender. 

Me, Ive & Jess @ EC's Bollywood Bash
Meeting people I’d only ever known on facebook or twitter, like the smuttkedettes Kelly, Ive, Gigi and Dawn

Meeting other authors of course, so many I can’t name them all. Oh okay I’ll try:

• I had fan girl moments with both Eden Bradley and Lorelei James (fangirl i.e. think I may have made a fool of self).

• Had to give up my dream of hating Mari Carr because she’s so prolific and good. She was too fucking nice to hate. I’ve even decided I’m going to be her lesbian girlfriend if things fall that way, even though she is a Miller Lite drinker.

• Ditto Jayne Rylon (on the ‘she’s too nice to hate’ front, not on the lesbian girlfriend thing. We haven’t discussed that yet. Nor do I know her beer preference).

Jess, Rhian, Shelli Stevens, Lexxie & me
• I met Shelli Stevens, Karen Erickson and Laurie B London and found them to be divine people. That last meet up at LAX with Shelli and Laurie was a nice bonus too!

• Had a lovely chat with the incredibly cool, famous and downright charming Bianca D’arc, who with the straightest face said she loved vegemite. So nice of her to humour us.

• Had a great time at the hotel bar nattering with Kinsey Holley, Kelly Jamieson and Juniper Bell, to name but a few, and even got a hug from RG Alexander. Wow!

• And last though definitely not least I got to meet the outstanding Lila Dubois and her hubby, who both did a lot of running around for us clueless Australians. Thanks guys!

Name dropping over. As for the workshops... what workshops? I was too busy sleeping off all that social activity to go to very many workshops. But I had a terrific time and hope to attend another RT in future.



  1. Looks like a blast was had! And you look VERY PROFESSIONAL signing books :)

  2. Sounds awesome Sami, so glad it went really well. You look amazing BTW :)

  3. Professional Rach? Well I''ve managed to fool everyone :)

    Thanks Cait. I think those cameras had skinny lenses.