Monday, 2 May 2011

Motivational Monday

Am going to trial a new weekly blog schedule for myself here at Sami's Scribbles, with the aim of making more frequent, punchier posts. Mondays are going to be full of motivational wisdom... or at least funny pics with monkeys in them. A smile is the best motivation of all.

Stay tuned to see what else is new this week. I'm going to post something on Wednesday too (gasp!).



  1. Looking forward to it Sami :) I follow a blogging schedule, very loosely, and I find it helps a lot when I'm feeling a bit meh about what to write. Love the pic :)

  2. Haha, love the pic!
    It gets that way sometimes.
    I'm coming back on now the pressure is on ;-)

  3. Me again, can I borrow that pic for a blog post for next monday?? Have exciting announcement about the blog and it'd be perfick :) Promise I'll give it back!!

  4. No probs. I stole it from elsewhere, some poor bastard I don't even know. Very rude of me and probably illegal. You might as well get in trouble too.

  5. OMG maybe we'll end up in internet jail together.