Friday, 24 June 2011

All About Moi

I have an update for anyone who's been wondering why I've had no pithy tweets to offer, no links on facebook to articles warning how facebook is stealing our identies (and yes I see the irony). No motivation monday, no wednesday rants, no random man pics. Nada.

I have tonsilitis (forgive my spelling) coupled with an inner ear infection that is effecting my balance. Because I can't just have one illness at a time you know. I must multi task. This is the first day I've been on the computer since Monday and I'm feeling decidedly dizzy after dealing with emails and blog stuff. The words are swirling and swirling on my screen right now. *insert sympathetic noises here*. I was having difficulty juggling everything already thanks life. I didn't need to lose my sense of balance as well.

So I will be back, hopefully on a more regular schedule by next week, as long as the antibiotics do their work. My 50k in 30d attempt is officially kaput though.

Oh well.



  1. I hope you get better quick! I hate tonsillitis I get it at least 3 times a year and usually wind up in the hospital at least once a year with it. Now get away from comp and go rest so you;ll be back next week :) xoxox

  2. Good advice Dawn. Will do!

  3. OH commiserations but sometimes when you're so used to multi-tasking, it is HARD to stop :)