Monday, 27 June 2011

Mad Monday

Isn't this wicked wallpaper? I love the stuff at, check it out if you like crazy dark arty stuff.

It's just under two weeks now until I turn 40, and I'm having a party. You guessed it, a Mad Hatter Tea Party. It's time for me to pull my finger out and organise a costume. I might go for something a little... warmer than this one, but the spirit will be there.

In other news I had an eventful weekend, which I fortunately felt well enough to attend. More about that later in the week. That's a teaser, mmmmwwwwhhhhaaaa.



  1. Oh Sami have a blast my lil sis just did this for her bday #35 and I made her the coolest costume -tutu, vest, hat, gloves, boot covers :) Have a great 40th and take lots of pics

  2. I so wish you were here to make my costume Dawn! Sure you'd have it churned out in an hour :)