Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wild Wednesday

After being sick all last week I was concerned I wasn't going to make it to my planned weekend away with the girls that we'd organised months ago, as a pre-birthday celebration for me (yes I'm having a party in a couple of weeks but you can never have too many when you hit a big number like 40, IMO). But thankfully I was feeling well enough to go, promising hubby on the way out that there would be no wild shenanigans overnight. My mother's group friends barely even drink.

Well. Can you believe my friends in their wicked wisdom decided to get me a dude. You know, a dude who takes his clothes off for money. Oh yeah. They got me a stripper.

It was funny for sure. In fact I couldn't stop laughing, so hard I think I may have bruised the boy's ego somewhat. But from the portable stereo that just wouldn't play to my arrest for a violation of 'code 69' to the velcro sided pants that ripped apart on command, the whole experience was more hilarious than sexy. Although he did have a nice bod my Man of Steel (oh yeah, I got a business card and everything). My only complaint would be that like many men he had one unfortunate habit--he brought the balls into play too soon. I mean, even if you're in a time crunch, I think it's possible to wait more than 3.5 seconds before you gyrate your crotch in a girl's face. Some free advice for all you dancing boys out there.

Thanks so much to my mother's group pals for a wild and wacky weekend. I had a blast! And actually I have come up with a short story featuring a male stripper that I hope to write someday, so it was all down to 'research' after all.



  1. I am glad we gave you some inspiration. Ro

  2. Oh Sami, I love this!! Not sure if I could have stayed in the room with my mom and a stripper, great story thanks for sharing!! I am definitely going to be looking for this short :D xoxo Happy Birthday

  3. LMAO! It wasn't my actual mother, but a group of friends my age who are mothers too. We call it a mothers' group. Now I'm picturing this guy dancing for my mother! My sides hurt.