Friday, 12 August 2011

Behold the Oracle

Putting finishing touches on content for my workshop at RWA’s Clayton’s Conference tomorrow. Think I have something that will keep everyone with me for the full hour—here’s hoping! When the conference coordinator first asked if anyone was interested in donating some time for the online conference that runs parallel to the face to face deal, I thought, why not? I’m not going to Melbourne and I haven’t even attended a Clayton’s before. This is my year of saying ‘yes’ to things.
Then the follow up emails started coming. The word ‘workshop’ was mentioned. Hmm, I thought. This sounds like it needs some planning. I did that and felt pretty good about the whole thing. Then I start finding out who the other presenters are. Natalie Anderson, Tracey O’Hara, Diane Gaston to name but a few. In other words people who have published a butt load more than I. Bugger. I started feeling pretty freakin’ inadequate at this point. But I’m in it now. My name’s on the program. I have to present a bloody workshop like a know something. I mean I have a lot of opinions, but do I really know anything?
Fortunately the topic I’m to cover is Writing Hot Scenes, aka, sex. I think I can handle that. I do after all write hot scenes. It’s one of the few areas of writing that has never really troubled me. All that remained is to work out exactly how I do that, deconstruct it and pass on my unique wisdom to others. Yeah right. Just call me the oracle—the oracle of sex. I’m thinking of changing my twitter handle.
Well, perhaps I’ll wait til I get some feedback after the workshop.

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  1. You will rock that Sami - no worries!! Xoxox enjoy it.