Monday, 15 August 2011

Weekend wrap up

Oh wow, what a weekend. Luckily for me it’s a public holiday up here in Queensland so I have a day to recover before heading back to work, because the Claytons Conference activities utterly fried my brain. My session on Saturday seemed to go really well and I had a blast. So much more participation than I expected—here I was thinking people might be shy about discussing sex! I should have known better. All the participants rocked. Thank you to all who attended and made it such a fun and busy session.

Thank you as well to the organisers, Anne, Mel and Neely. I don’t envy you girls your job, I could never be organised enough to do it! The usual family commitments prevented me from joining in the other sessions in ‘live time’, and my computer didn’t like the RWA chat room so I wasn’t able to jump in on the social stuff. Bummer. But I have many many notes to catch up on, starting with Natalie Anderson’s plot and structure workshop. Plot and structure, you are ever my arch nemises, the Lex to my Superman (delusions of grandeur I have, yes indeed).

I may post the stuff I find useful throughout the week. First of all I have to get back to my writing, or more specifically to rewriting a scene that’s been bugging me. Let me just don my cape…



  1. Loved your session Sami. It was well done!

    Sorry about the chat room.

  2. Thanks so much Eleni. And the chat room glitch couldn't be helped. Conference was so well organised.