Sunday, 22 January 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Erica's Choice

So it's my first venture into the world of Six Sentence Sunday -- be gentle with me :).

Yes, Corey's a fireman :)
The sentences I've chosen are from my upcoming release (August 2012, but who's counting the months?). They occur right after one of the book's heroes has just turned down a sexy invitation from a local girl because he's of course more interested in the heroine. I think it shows a lot about Corey's character, his innate innocence and his quiet fascination with a woman he's afraid to talk to. Here goes:

Corey wasn’t about to tell her work had nothing to do with his refusal. He simply didn’t want to spend the night with Madison.

The woman he did want to spend some quality time with was sitting across the pub right now with her nose in a book, her sleek red hair sweeping down to conceal her face, as out of reach as the moon. She probably thought he was some kind of man-slut because every time she came in here some random woman slipped him her phone number, or even her panties. Jeez. What did girls think he was going to do with a pink satin G-string?

Well that's it, I'm no longer a Six Sentence Sunday virgin. There are a whole bunch of other authors participating as always, so head on over to the Six Sentence Sunday site to find out who they are.



  1. Very nice, Sami (and I happen to know all the other sentences after this one are very nice as well *grin*)

  2. Love it! Perfect description and humour twined in.

  3. Congrats on your first SS. I loved it and can't wait to read the rest. I've got one up too, although I've been naughty and didn't register it :)

  4. Welcome to SSS! Great one out of the gate, a sweet look at the hero and I like that he looks for women with more depth. Nice humor too!

  5. Haha. Made me laugh. Indeed, what would he do with a pink satin g-string?

  6. This was my first week, too. Fun, isn't it?

    Nice little look at Corey's character - the guy who gets all the attention he doesn't want, but none of the attention he does want, eh?