Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Writing Update

Well it's been raining again up here in 'sunny' Queensland, shades of last year's pre-flood downpouring. But I'm no longer complaining, as the clouds had an unexpected silver lining today. The local school and daycare centre were open but the roads to the office were close to impassable. Hence the kids went where they had to go but I stayed home. Honest to goodness, it was an unexpected day off from all my usual responsibilities. Heaven! And great for the word count. I wrote almost an entire chapter on a book I'll soon be talking about... contract and release news will be revealed in due course (yes I am teasing).

I'm happy enough with myself that I thought I'd share a snippet of what I wrote today--unedited of course, so please forgive any mistakes. Happy hump day all,

Abruptly, Hayley stood, breaking the erotic spell that had wound around him. “What are you doing in here, Mitch?”

“Running?” Mitch tried not to sound irritable as he stated the obvious, but the strain of his cock chaffing against his jocks made it nearly impossible.

“Inside. On a treadmill.”

Rising to his feet and trying to subtly adjust his shorts to conceal his erection, Mitch drawled, “That’s how I usually do it.”

“Sure, when you’re in the city. But did you notice the long stretch of sand right outside this window?”

“Oh, yeah. They call it a beach, right?”

Having moved several paces away, Hayley at last turned back to face him. She gave his response the sarcasm it probably deserved. “Did you consider jogging on it? Or wait, let’s go for broke. Would you consider taking a leisurely stroll on the shoreline?”

“Hayley, you know strolling’s not my style.”

Her smile was tinged with sadness. “I know.”

Mitch, you idiot. Had she been asking him to go for a walk with her? And had he really responded with mild loathing like some creep with an 85 IQ? Hey babe, I’d rather act like a complete asshole than go for a walk with you. Shit!


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