Sunday, 23 March 2008

Can't Be A**ed Blogging

Sorry, just too full of chocolate, hot cross buns and general ennui to think of a scintillating topic. So I'm posting a man pic out of sheer mental laziness.

I watched "Must Love Dogs" last weekend, and I still love John Cusack. He was good when I was sixteen, and he's still pretty good now. I enjoyed the movie more than I expected. Thought it would be corny, but it only got that way at the end (try to work on the satsifying but not sickly sweet romantic comedy ending please, Hollywood. Much work still needs to be done).

Hope you're having a great easter break.



  1. I also love John Cusack, but honestly - at this point,the pic of the chocolates looks even better.

  2. The difference being, perhaps, that chocolate is readily available??

  3. I sooooooooo know how you feel... I've just rambled about nothing on my blog!

  4. Hey Sami - love your blog... I shall be visiting often! Amanda

  5. Welcome to the blog Amanda. Best of luck with your writing endeavours. To paraphrase Elmore Leonard, "There is no secret - you sit down, you write, and that's it."

    And it wasn't nothing Rach - very sad bunny story.

  6. I loooove your new blog!
    I'm changing you now on my sites. Yes, I like you have opened a new blog. I've gone to wordpress because it allows pages. Anyway, still haven't found time to read your books. I have them but with judging and reviewing and interviewing and writing, well....
    Does that sound like a whine??
    Again, great look.
    'See' ya soon.

  7. Ah RC, you should see my TBR pile.

    Thanks for stopping by.