Friday, 23 October 2009

Time's Acreeping Up

I got my final versions of Sunset Knight today. I have to say they look gorgeous. Am I the only nerd who goes into each and every e reader program to see how it looks? 'Oh, look at the Mobipocket version, it's soooo cute!'. Oh yes, I'm a dork.

Only two more sleeps and hubby will be back home, and eleven more sleeps until release day. Am counting down for both with similar anticipation. Here's another of my favourite snippets from the book:

“I’m not the kind of guy you should tease. I might take you seriously.”
One could only hope. Lana’s pulse thundered in her ears, so she was barely aware of when Van Morrison ended and Eric Clapton began. “Who says I’m not serious?”
“I do. You’re not exactly…”
When his words trailed off Lana filled in, “I’m not your type.”
His soft chuckle tickled her earlobe. “Lana, female’s my type.”



  1. Woot! Not long now! I can't wait!
    I needs me some Brody. *grin*

  2. Stop teasing us!! Can't wait for the book.