Sunday, 19 December 2010

5 Things That Made Me Say WTF? This Week.

1. Oprah ate vegemite on a sao and said she liked it. Then washed it down with Penfolds Grange. Seriously, we DO NOT DO THAT HERE.

2. Shane Warne caught snogging Liz Hurley. What is her deal? Hugh the hooker loving cad, that other guy who tried to disown their baby and now Warnie. She must have very complex issues.

3. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens split up. Actually that one just made me go WGaS (Who gives a shit?).

4. Nine msn hit a new low. A 'true' confession about a phone sex operator who recognises one of her clients as her 16 year old brother and decides to go through with the call. Ick. Shudder. WTF?

5. The Hurley-Warne saga continues. Now she's dumped him over sex texts to another married woman. She didn't see that coming? Surely this whole 'relationship' was a beat up for publicity.

And now I've just talked about them. Oh well.

I have deleted so much this week that I can't post anything. It's becoming demoralising. I have a big gap between Ch 3 and 4 where I'm not sure how to link the scenes. I've written this in bold in the ms:

I simply don’t know how to stitch this up. I can’t find the right emotion. I am now going to leave it and ask the goddess muse to help me at a later stage.

Oh Goddess muse, where for art thou?


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  1. I'm here if you want a second opinion. Fresh eyes might be just what you need.